The View Tower

The highlight of the treetop walk on the Sommerberg in Bad Wildbad is a view tower built mainly out of wood.

The construction of the cuplike tower consists of an outer ring of twelve double-slanted laminated beam supports, which are erected at uniform distances from each other in a rotationally symmetric fashion, creating a polygonal, spacial structure. The 12 main supports lean away from the centre and are additionally tilted in a counterclockwise direction. This creates enthralling perspectives, lending the cup a "tilted and twisted" appearance.

The tower is accessed by the walkway at a height of about 5 meters. Leading to the top of the tower, a wooden, spiral pathway, is connected to the support beams by steel cantilevers. In-between the cantilevers there are wooden longitudinal members covered with wooden planks. 

At the top of the tower, there is a steel view platform about 40 meters off the ground. The platform is composed of outward-protruding steel cantilevers connected to the wooden support beams, with wooden longitudinal members covered by wooden planks bridging the gap. The spiral walkway construction on the inside of the tower runs all the way to the top, ensuring barrier-free access to the platform.

Once you arrive at the top platform of the view tower, you are rewarded with a unique view: the Naturpark Schwarzwald Mitte/Nord spreads out around you as an impressive sea of thick woodlands of the Black Forest. 

Architect: Josef Stöger, 94513 Schönberg,

View Tower

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